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Digital Asset Management


We have partnered up with ThirdLight, using their product, with our expertise. Our background is in pre-press and print. We have been actively using ThirdLight’s¬†products for more than ten years. In this time we have seen it transform, not only allowing access to images but also to truly offer an integrated web enabled workflow loop, that lets you access your assets, pre-flight, collaborate and automate job throughput. Simply put, its simply the best solution in the DAMS market.


Digital Asset Management
Digital assets, such a logos, fonts, photos and electronic documents can be extremely valuable, but only if you can find them. Many organisations have thousands of digital assets that are worthless because they can never find them, and then waste time and money recreating artwork, re-taking photos, and re-typing documents.
NeoGen provides a Digital Asset Management facility for its clients. Artwork and other files can be uploaded at any stage of a project and can then automatically be supplied via a download link to the supplier when a purchase order is raised. All products that have images or artwork uploaded will automatically have thumbnails created for use throughout the system including online ordering.
The online system enables all assets to be available directly to everyone who needs them, when they need them. For ad hoc access people can be sent a link to a particular asset, so whilst not allowing them to access anything else they can still benefit from some of the features of our Digital Asset Management system, such as the option to download in a chosen resolution or file format and knowing that they will always see the latest version.


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