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Lithographic Print

Litho printing is ideal for medium, and long run printing runs and is probably the most widely used printing process due to the combination of its speed, quality and cost effectiveness across a wide range of printed products.

Litho printing is an offset printing technique. Ink is not applied directly from the printing plate to the substrate as it is in gravure, flexography and letterpress. Ink is applied to the printing plate to form the image and then transferred (offset) to a rubber blanket. The image on the blanket is then transferred to the substrate, usually paper or board to produce the printed product.

On sheet-fed presses, the substrate is fed into the press one sheet at a time at a very high speed. Sheet-fed and web presses are both used in lithography. Sheet-fed lithography is used for printing advertising, books, catalogues, greeting cards, posters, packaging, direct mail inserts, and art reproduction.

We can also provide a wide range of modern finishing options including;

  • Saddle-Stitching
  • Perfect Binding
  • Collating
  • Drilling
  • Laminating
  • Die-Cutting
  • Gluing
  • Perforating


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