Signage Services
NeoGen is a successful and growing marketing communications company specialising in print and print management, logistics & distribution, direct mail and digital media services in Ireland. Based in Blanchardstown we consistently deliver innovative and creative print solutions. We are a trusted print partner and multi-channel marketing services to some of Ireland’s leading brands, retailers and organisations. We help them operate more efficiently, deliver more effectively, and control their marketing supply chain for print.
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Corporate Signage

NeoGen is a leader in corporate signage, architectural sign solutions and ADA-compliant signage with braille. Our signage solutions can portray your company and brand in the right way.

Architectural Signage Solutions

We provide cutting edge architectural signage solutions. Our architectural signs are designed to inspire and bring buildings and their environments to life. Organisations turn to us to deliver cutting edge signage design and outstanding manufacturing quality using materials that inspire and enhance interior landscapes. Ours is aspirational signage and it’s built on an ethos of excellence in everything we do, from our meticulous attention to detail and our teamwork to our service and customer care and, above all, our passion for powerful creativity.

Interior Corporate Signage

NeoGen provides a range of interior signage solutions. Whether you are looking for a modern, contemporary or fun and funky reception, meeting or break-out area, we are here to help. Using the latest in manufacturing technology we can help you turn creative ideas into reality. From corporate identity, wayfinding systems, ADA signs we create and manufacture bespoke solutions that will inspire your staff, or welcome clients to your building. We use high quality products such as ADA compliant material, glass-look perspex, architectural vinyl such as Dinoc, 3M vinyls, contravision, to produce some stunning interior visuals. We can also inspire using more traditional materials such as brass and bronze, stainless steel, and copper.

Supergraphics For Inspirational Interior Spaces

It takes style, substance and a bold approach to create an inspirational working environment. We know – our experience in the dynamic world of supergraphics is extensive and awesome. That’s why we developed a solution that’s changing the face of interior spaces and setting a perfect scene for productivity and performance at the same time. Inspirational wallpaper supergraphics is the ultimate in corporate statement making and they’re setting aspirational moods and motivating teams through high quality, personalised and branded schemes that defy convention. We digitally inkjet print large format images onto optically clear vinyl for glazing manifestation or solvent free wallpaper or vinyl. The result: vibrant, high resolution imagery that transforms walls, break-out areas, meeting rooms and sales spaces into attention grabbing showcases and creates an unforgettable first impression.

There Are No Limits

This convention-defying digital print technology promises outstanding results for large format wall coverings – regardless of the size, space or medium. We’ve made it easy to get creative with photographs, graphics, corporate imagery, logos and text to make an impact on a seriously grand scale. Even wayfinding is now more ingenious with a contemporary twist on directional signage that’s fun and interesting and helps to define a building’s fabric and philosophy.

Part M, Tactile, Braille & ADA Signage

Since the introduction of the Disability Act in 2005, Irish Building Regulations have been revised with Universal Design in mind. Updated in 2010 the technical requirements of Part M 2010 of the Building Regulations now focus on ensuring that adequate provision shall be made for all people to access and use a building, its facilities and its environs. In terms of accessible signage: Section 1.6.3 requires that where sign directories and orientations signs are provided they must comply with the recommendations of BS8300:2009.


Sign manufacturers must conform to best practice guidelines and ensure that signage solutions, including internal signage and external signage, must be compliant and accessible to all, including the visually impaired. NeoGen has developed a number of production processes to produce coherent, cost-effective tactile and braille signs that integrates completely with an overall signage scheme without restricting its design.


We recommend the following tactile and Braille elements are incorporated to a signage scheme to ensure compliance:


Tactile embossed characters of 0.8mm in thickness, set in a contrasting colour to its background, greatly improve signage legibility.  All interior and exterior signs should in turn contrast with the surface on which they are mounted to remain fully compliant. Braille comprises a number of raised dots that create recognisable characters. It should be used in conjunction with tactile text wherever possible.


Neogen design and manufacture a range of ADA-compliant signage with braille, presenting options including room number, room identification, directional, informational and pictogram platforms. We produce high quality signs in both contrasting plastics and metals, all of which can be custom made to your specific requirements. Designed and manufactured to the highest standard, our ADA signage is easy to read both visually and through tactile touch. Neogen accessibility solutions help to promote and realise a fully inclusive environment for all.


Powerful exterior and interior wayfinding signage to welcome, inform and communicate. Exterior and interior wayfinding signage solutions are designed to welcome and instruct visitors and communicate that they’ve arrived at their destination. But they also provide that vital first impression of an organisation, projecting the qualities that it stands for, such as dynamism, pride, integrity and professionalism.


Achieving the perfect balance between conveying directional information whilst remaining faithful to brand identity is key to a successful exterior wayfinding signage solution. We believe that exterior signage is the architectural interpretation of a brand identity and that a thorough understanding of graphic usage rules is paramount for its effective execution. That’s why discerning signage specifiers talk to NeoGen first.

Get in touch.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have, tell you a little more about ourselves or talk to you about your upcoming print or signage project. You’ll find that we don’t believe in a hard sell, we prefer to listen!