Wayfinding Consultants
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Wayfinding Consultancy

We specialise in designing wayfinding and information systems that communicate the navigation of places.

Orientation and Navigation

Navigation from place to place is a basic part of everyday life. Where am I ? Where do I need to go? People use their memory and previous experiences to find their way about.
Our perception of the environment and information comes down to focus and balance.

  • What do you see ?
  • Why did you see it ?
  • What did you do with that processed information ?

Wayfinding Principles

What is the general idea or principles involved?

The function is to inform people of the surroundings in the unfamiliar environment, it is important to show information at strategic points to guide people in the right direction.

An effective wayfinding solution is based on human behaviour and consists of the following characteristics:

Don’t make people think !

Create a meaningful, clear and consistent visual communication system
with clear messaging.

Show only what is required !

Show information that is relevant to the space, location or navigation path.


How does wayfinding work?

How do people orientate, navigate or remember the environment? How will people recognize or understand one place easier than another?
When creating a wayfinding system the following characteristics influences the way we interpreted the build environment.


To create a legible environment it is necessary to mark specific spaces and / or locations. This reinforces the recognition of places and plays a part in overseeing a larger area. With the use of landmarks and marking elements an area will become more visible to the human memory. Landmarks can be art-objects, buildings, wayfinding signs or striking elements in a landscape. These elements combined will shape the identity of an area as seen from your perspective.


In order to navigate, you need to know where you are in the environment and where other destinations are located. Preferable it is good to know the distance in time from one place to another. If you are able to orientate yourself within the build environment, it will be easier to understand destinations and to navigate by landmarks. In wayfinding, maps are common used to indicate your location. The usage of maps is a very powerful way of expressing and overseeing the build environment. Be sure to display the maps heads-up in the direction you are facing, this way you can easy relate yourself to the build environment.


Navigating the physical reference to a particular area, setting or destination. With the usage of directional signs people will be guided along their path towards destination(s).

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We’re happy to answer any questions you have, tell you a little more about ourselves or talk to you about your upcoming print or signage project. You’ll find that we don’t believe in a hard sell, we prefer to listen!