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Online video is useful for a number of other reasons too. For instance, web video is a great way to break up the content on your website. It is also a very useful tool for displaying your products and your brand’s personality, and image. In addition, web users are often busy, and hurriedly searching for the information they need.

A video is another way of grabbing a user’s attention and keeping it. Not only that, some people prefer to read, some prefer to watch video. If you have high quality versions of both content forms on your site, you are appealing to both types of user.

Video also has a certain cache. It has the power to make a business look more professional.

Moreover, it is important to remember that YouTube, the most popular video sharing site on the Internet, is owned by Google. As a result, YouTube videos show up very well in the search engine’s search results. Web video is a great tool for increasing a business’s online presence (videos are 5300% more likely to reach the top page of Google!).


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