Digital Packaging
NeoGen is a successful and growing marketing communications company specialising in print and print management, logistics & distribution, direct mail and digital media services in Ireland. Based in Blanchardstown we consistently deliver innovative and creative print solutions. We are a trusted print partner and multi-channel marketing services to some of Ireland’s leading brands, retailers and organisations. We help them operate more efficiently, deliver more effectively, and control their marketing supply chain for print.
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Digital Packaging

NeoGen is now offering on demand print & packaging solutions for the retail, food, and pharma markets.

Digital print technologies, once reserved in the packaging industry for prototyping and proofing, are now unlocking market potential by solving many core challenges. As a result, there is a fundamental rethinking for how packaging can be produced most efficiently and effectively.

Packaging Design Services

NeoGen wants to be at the heart of this revolution.

Packaging is an essential component in the marketing of a product, it needs to make an impact. Printed Digital Packaging is growing at a phenomenal rate as brand owners are leveraging those new opportunities to respond to the evolving wants and needs of consumers.


We offer bespoke packaging design and printing services for various markets. We are working closely with companies big and small from various markets, ensuring their packaging is the highest standard. We print carton board boxes, food sleeves and bespoke packaging for the food and retail sector. Digital packaging technology allows us to produce shorter runs of various designs at reduced costs making it possible to generate more versions of packaging. It is the ideal solution for short run promotions, co-branding & seasonal campaigns.

The personalisation aspect of digitally printed packaging is ideal for seasonal promotions, changing artworks, multiple SKU products, rebrands and re-designs as well as the ability to produce prototypes for test marketing.

Sustainable Packaging

Printed Digital Packaging is at the heart of sustainable packaging.
 Digital technology enables print on-demand with low set-up costs, no plates, no minimum order quantities, reducing storage costs and obsolesce. The board we specify for printing is manufactured from sustainable stocks and is FSC® (C164890) certified.

Get in touch.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have, tell you a little more about ourselves or talk to you about your upcoming print or signage project. You’ll find that we don’t believe in a hard sell, we prefer to listen!